The Wonders of a Warranty

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So I had quite the experience the other day. I own a 2003 Toyota Tundra. I love my truck and it has lasted me a good 10 plus years. It honestly still runs like the first day I got it. But of course as vehicles get older they start to have more problems and sometimes it costs more to keep them running than to get a new vehicle.

Well on my morning, I was heading to the grocery store. I noticed my front left tire was very deflated. Of course I headed to a repair shop we have here in town. I was starting to need new tires anyway so I thought maybe this would be the time to just get new tires entirely. I had also need having a problem with the car battery. I wanted to hit the repair shop all in one visit to not drag it on and get it out of the way.

As I was speaking to the mechanic I was telling him what I wanted done. I was planning on purchasing a new car battery with them. The mechanic offered me a 3 year warranty. I was thinking there’s no way a battery won’t last me 5 plus years. I was honestly thinking I would be fine without the warranty. But somehow, the mechanic has a way with words and talked me into getting the warranty.

I got all the work done at one time. 2 days later, my battery blew out. Turns out the battery I had bought was a dud. I don’t think I was ever so happy that I had purchased the warranty. The company that supplies the batteries gave me a complementary battery due to their mistake, but it was still comforting knowing I didn’t have to spend even more money after just purchasing a battery.

The lesson I learned was that warranties usually aren’t a waste of money. When it comes to something like a vehicle spending a little extra to ensure you’re covered is worth it. Maybe a warranty on a TV or game console isn’t so much a necessary warranty because they aren’t a mean of transportation that you rely on. Lesson was learned.

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Does Window Tint Really Benefit You and Your Car?

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carWhen you go anywhere these days you see many cars with all kinds of different types of tints on their windows. I myself do not have a car with any tint. The thought just never came to me to get them tinted. But I hear there are many advantages of getting them tinted.

I heard they help protect your body from UV rays. I can see how this would be true. Those rays can be harsh on your skin. Especially those super white people that are tan challenged like myself haha.

I’ve heard tint can help keep the interior or your vehicle in better shape. A lot of times heat can really where down materials and the coloring of clothes. That’s so crazy to me, but what can you do.

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I’ve seen in a show that tint can help keep the window glass intact. I saw this on the show Cops. A guy just robbed a bank so he was high tailing it from the police and he wrecked his car. He totally bashed into the side of a brick building. The windows of the car were a very dark tint and the entire window was still all together. Although you could see the cracks in the glass. That is pretty awesome to me.

I think these are some great advantages. I’ve seen a lot of window tint and auto detailing places around where I live. I’ve mostly only seen nice cars leave those places which makes sense to me. I  think I will for sure call up and see what kind of prices it would take for me to get that stuff done to my vehicle. It is all so interesting to me.

My teenage son actually was talking to me about getting this windows tinted on his Grand Am. I told him I would think about it. But I mean if I am planning on possibly getting my windows tinted, I feel the need to get his done. He will do his usually pouty and saying it isn’t fair. Nobody likes an angry teenager.

Are Limousines Really That Fancy?

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pink limo two

I live in Miami, so I see quite a few limousines working their way around the town. I sometimes stop to wonder, hmm, maybe limos are really awesome, or maybe they aren’t all that they are brought up to be. I am going to tell you a funny story that I witnessed the other day. pink limo two

I was sitting at the bus bench waiting for my bus. I usually make my way out to the library around the same time everyday. Well on this particular day I saw a beautiful lady step out of this long stretch SUV limo. I thought wow, wouldn’t that be the life. So i kept my eyes over on the lady. Seconds later, a women comes flying around the corner yelling at this beautiful lady. She starts yelling at her “you stole my limo!” The beautiful lady looked taken back and soon the cops pulled up, arresting the beautiful lady.

This incident got me thinking, are limousines really what they are made up to be, or are many people just fooled by what is on the outside rather than the inside.

Let’s start by talking about the Pros of a limousine ride. On most rides, you are supposed to feel like a superstar and get chauffeured around like a celebrity. You are supposed to be relaxed and maybe have a drink or two while on your ride. You also get the elegant and upper class look when you ride. And I would say this is about the limit of pros that a limousine ride posses.

Now for the cons. The prices can be very expensive, but not if you find the right deal. You might also run into the problem that your party is too big for a single ride, resulting in more expenses. But other than that cons will be cons. It ain’t a quality product unless it has some cons is what I like to say.

Limos are great, along with taxis, and charter buses. I think all these types of transportation supply us with reasonable sources of transportation. These sources are reliable and efficient. Especially, if people are living in bigger cites. Bigger cities make it more difficult to move around and get where you’re going. Taxis and limos make it more convenient to not worry about parking or your parking meter running out of time.

All in all, I think additional types of transportation are great. Depending on where you live and how big your community is. Big cities need more transportation assistance, rather than smaller cities that are more self dependent when it comes to transportation.

I guess certain types of modes of transpiration fits different  people. If you don’t mind spending some extra money on a nice elegant ride, then limos are the way to go.

As for the girl that got arrested for stealing a limousine, well that’s just plain dumb! Never let the show life side track you from what really matters!

Have a nice day!

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A Little About Myself

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Hello there.

I’d like to start off by introducing myself a little bit. I am a 45 year old man and I’m already retired. I had been in the military for 9 years, and then became a teacher at a local high school. Fortunately, my wife’s family is very wealthy and I am able to enjoy my days writing down my thoughts and opinions about whatever I feel like.

I think my blog will find the right people, maybe someone as excited to live the rest of their life like I am.